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Logo for Genesis Connectx

GCX logo

It is a pleasure to work with returning clients. :-) We have had a great experience working with this client before and when he wanted a logo and website for his new company, he came back to us. The company name is Genesis Connectx and they deal with electronic connectors. We love the idea of connecting so we came up with this logo. At the first look, it is a tilted letter “G”, referring to the company name “Genesis” and on a closer look it shows an arrow that is always connecting. And now we are on the process of creating a website for them, so stay tuned for the updates!

Logo for Virumandi restaurant

Virumandi Non-Veg Restaurant

It is good to see returning clients because it stands testimony to our work. Virumandi is an upcoming south Indian non-vegetarian restaurant by the owner of Mylapore south Indian vegetarian restaurant. Both the restaurants are located at Folsom, CA. When the client asked us to design the logo, he asked for two things. To incorporate the Koduva style of moustache (the name comes from the Tamil movie “Virumandi” in which actor Kamal Hassan sports a similar moustache) along with red and green chillies. So we gave them a couple of choices from which they chose the logo as shown above.

Vivid Builders website design and development

Vivid Builders, Thrissur

Vivid Builders is a construction company based in Thrissur, Kerala. When they approached us for an online identity, they wanted to have a simple, neat website with minimal but necessary information. They also wanted to have the website optimized to list in the search engines. We gave them exactly what they wanted and now they are on the 2nd position in Google when you search for ‘Vivid Builders’. We’re happy whenever our clients are happy and it was nice to see them being excited about the project. Go to www.vividbuilders.in to see the website.

Free icons set – Finance

free finance icons set

It’s freebies time again! This time we have a set of 128 x 128 icons created specifically to use for the finance or corporate projects. These icons are made to be downloaded for FREE! You can use this set for all your projects, except the commercial ones. And the set may not be resold, sub-licensed or rented. All we are asking you in return is to show some link love. :-) Check it out and do write in your thoughts in the comments section.

Download free Finance icons set for designers here (98.6 KB)


  • All files are in PNG format
  • Icon set comes in the following size – 128×128

How to close a jQuery pop-up window within itself?

Imagine that you have a beautiful jQuery pop-up window (or commonly called Lightbox) created for image slide shows or to display plain text. You have a “close” image icon on the pop-up window which would allow the website visitors to click and close the window (or you can just simply click elsewhere on the web page to close the Lightbox pop-up). But suppose you have a form, a contact form for example, that needs to be submitted from this jQuery pop-up and you need to close the window and return to the parent page by clicking on a button in the popup page. How would you do that? Here is a simple and easy fix.

In most cases, the popup window would be a DIV which would hide and show on an onClick event. So first you have to assign an ID to the DIV. Or you could use the one you have already used.

Now within this DIV comes your form. Here is an example:

Now we need to add a Javascript function to the Save button to do the action. So I edited the 5th line to add an onClick event:

Now the javascript function closePop to add in the head with hacks for different browsers:


That’s it! Now you can just show case your HTML mockups with some spice. :-) Leave us a comment if you like it.

Hot Coded! Free icons set for developers

Free icons set for developers

Coffee is an essential part of many of the coders’ lives and coding itself is addictive to many of us, right? You love your code and your coffee. How about combining both and to share the love as an icon? You would also want to tell your website visitors that what they get from you is not some run-off-the-mill “hard-code” but some real “hot-code“, specially prepared for them (because they are special) and served hot/fresh? So here we have come up with some nice icons for you to use. And it comes inspired by your favorite coffee at Starbucks.

These icons are made to be downloaded for FREE! You can use this set for all your projects, except the commercial ones. And the set may not be resold, sub-licensed or rented. All we are asking you in return is to show some link love. :-) Check it out and do write in your thoughts in the comments section.

Download “Hot Coded” free icons set for developers here (2.03 mb)


  • All files are in PNG format
  • Icons included for the following – HTML, HTML 5, XHTML, CSS, CSS 3, PHP, Java, JS, JSP, Ajax, jQuery, SQL, XML, ASP, .NET
  • Al icon sets come in the following sizes – 128×128, 256×256 and 512×512

(Coffee cup icon courtesy: PSDgraphics.com)

Mylapore.US – Website design and development


Website: www.mylapore.us

Client: Mylapore South Indian Restaurant, Folsom, CA

Mylapore is a South Indian Vegetarian Restaurant based at Folsom, CA. They wanted us to re-design their existing website which had a basic design and colors. The challenge that we had on this project was to add a nice and elegant south Indian flavor to the website without making it too flashy. We have received some vey nice photos of some yummy South Indian dishes from the restaurant owners. We used it on a big plantain leaf image, which is a usual way of serving food in most of the south Indian restaurants. We also had transparent layers of Kolam graphic to add a touch to the header banner which also adds to the South Indian flavor.

The content was laid out to take very little space and the map, social media icons, the signature music of Mylapore etc were all put in place. The pages were mostly xHTML/CSS based, with one PHP page for the Contact Us form. We also came up with a logo for the website. The logo had to strike anyone at the first sight that they are looking at a diner, so we put the coffee cup (also remember that filter coffee is a south Indian favorite) and with two Bindhis decorating the M in Mylapore.

Our client was so supportive and has been communicating the ideas he had for the website with us. We exchanged emails over and made several changes to the website, discussing on the design/feasibility part. At the end, we had a nice time developing the identity for Mylapore and our client was pleased with our work.

So, if you are in need of an online identity, not just a mere website, you know whom to contact now! :-)