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Mylapore.US – Website design and development


Website: www.mylapore.us

Client: Mylapore South Indian Restaurant, Folsom, CA

Mylapore is a South Indian Vegetarian Restaurant based at Folsom, CA. They wanted us to re-design their existing website which had a basic design and colors. The challenge that we had on this project was to add a nice and elegant south Indian flavor to the website without making it too flashy. We have received some vey nice photos of some yummy South Indian dishes from the restaurant owners. We used it on a big plantain leaf image, which is a usual way of serving food in most of the south Indian restaurants. We also had transparent layers of Kolam graphic to add a touch to the header banner which also adds to the South Indian flavor.

The content was laid out to take very little space and the map, social media icons, the signature music of Mylapore etc were all put in place. The pages were mostly xHTML/CSS based, with one PHP page for the Contact Us form. We also came up with a logo for the website. The logo had to strike anyone at the first sight that they are looking at a diner, so we put the coffee cup (also remember that filter coffee is a south Indian favorite) and with two Bindhis decorating the M in Mylapore.

Our client was so supportive and has been communicating the ideas he had for the website with us. We exchanged emails over and made several changes to the website, discussing on the design/feasibility part. At the end, we had a nice time developing the identity for Mylapore and our client was pleased with our work.

So, if you are in need of an online identity, not just a mere website, you know whom to contact now! :-)

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